19 Easy & Fun Essential Oil Craft Ideas You Can Make With Kids

Do you utilize essential oils (EO) in your home? We do as a family; we have a complete sampler set from Amazon plus some full sizes like tea tree as a shampoo additive (for mild dandruff.) EO drops are super powerful in so many uses. They’re inexpensive, and (most of them) smell amazing. There are countless advantages in using essential oils, and most utilize these wonders for countless uses from soaps/shampoos, pest deterrents, beauty products, homeopathic remedies, diffuser jewelry, and more.

Essential oils are a significant piece of our everyday life, and their health properties are astounding. A few drops go a loooong way so we usually have essential oils leftover. We needed 15 drops from tea tree oil for a bug bite solution and had probably 100 drops left in the bottle. Hating waste, I wondered if there was anything FUN I can use them for besides as as a diffuser, cleaning agent, inflammation, and fragrance at home. To my surprise, wow, even kid-friendly EO DIY projects for youngsters are a thing on the internet!

Did you know we could use essential oils to make arts and crafts projects with your kids? Making arts and crafts with essential oils is possible! So, what are you waiting for? Here are my favorite 19 uses of essential oils. I bet you probably never considered half of these – I surely didn’t! 

lemon-eucalyptus-essential-oil Always dilute EO oil, they are very concentrated and pack quite a punch! I know most of you already know this but just in case! Especially with kids, do these with supervision.
Always dilute EO oil, they are very concentrated and pack quite a punch! I know most of you already know this but just in case! Especially with kids, do these with supervision.
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Fun DIY Essential Oil Projects To Make to Entertain Kids

1. Homemade Finger Paint

Did you know that you can create a homemade finger paint with only four ingredients from your cupboard and your essential oil of choice? Your little Michaelangelos and little Picassos will enjoy learning color theory while boosting their brain development. As they experiment with colors, you will see how they unleash their curiosity, brevity, and creativity. Get ready to get your hands dirty with your kiddos.

Little hands with paint

2. Lemon Essential Oil Playdough

Therapeutic grade lemon essential oils can make you feel more lively and upbeat. It has been researched and turns out, lemon EO improves your memory! So if you are feeling down, I would recommend that you make a pure & high-grade lemon essential oil to mix in with playdough to lighten up your mood. Also, it is best to let our children play with lemon-scented playdough when they are readying for a major test.

playdough made with lemon essential oil

3. Homemade Bug Soap

The best thing about unwrapping a new soap is getting a blast of fresh scents. You can make an all-natural EO soap with kids and learn about the ancient art of soap making. Besides that, there are no chemicals involved. Just a friendly reminder: always check the label in the essential oils you will use for DIY projects. Make sure to dilute properly. For a small batch of soap, you won’t need more than a few drops for a strong scent. Safety always comes first, this is not an independent craft and should be done under supervision.  

DIY homemade insect soap bar

4. Homemade Flubber

Get your kids ready to do some molding, rolling, patting, cutting, twisting with homemade flubber! A flubber is like playdough and a putty. Your little kiddos will get hours of a good time making their own flubber. The recipe is also simple! You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for an aromatic and sensory based experience.

Kids holding flubber

5. Homemade Bubble

My kids looooove playing with bubbles. I know that your kiddos love it too! If you are on the hunt for a fun activity outside, why not make a homemade bubble solution? It’s guaranteed to be cheaper than buying premade bottles online (that aren’t usually as good, to be honest.) The ingredients are simple; you might have the items on hand already. Add drops of your favorite essential oil to add a happy smell to your homemade bubble. Now tell your kids to grab the bubble wand and get ready to do some huffing and puffing!

Bubble recipe and bubble wand

6. DIY Scented Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

Nickelodeon style glow-in-the-dark-slime all over your house made with pungent essential oils may not sound pleasing to us adults, but this might actually sound like a super fun idea for kids! They will enjoy making slime that is much more inexpensive than store bought .Plus they can make it with their own little hands + hard work. Glow in the dark scented slime is a great idea for birthday parties is to make their own batch of slime and it’ll make a fun project for Halloween.

glow in the dark slime

19 Fun Essential Oil Arts & Crafts Ideas You Can Make For Kids NATURAL Mom Craft Ideas Fun Easy To Make For Beginners Roller Dough Bath Relax Recipes

7. DIY Glitter Slime

Are you running out of activities for your kids to enjoy? Glitter Slimes got you covered. Grab your glitter glue, baking soda, contact lens solutions, and spoon for mixing. Of course, don’t forget your favorite essential oil to give a calming aroma during playtime.

Glittery Slimes

8. Scented Science Experiment

We all want our kids to learn and have some fun at the same time, right? Why don’t you try this scented science experiment today? This is super easy to make, and you can even spice it up a little bit with game of “guess that scent!” 

science experiment with essential oil scent

9. Bouncy Balls

Keep your kids entertained with my making scented bouncy balls! They can play with these balls while enjoying the smell it leaves on their little hands. You can also experiment by adjusting the amount of glue and borax to put to discover the best way to get that ball bouncing.

Bouncy Balls

10. Moon Sand

You can create an amazing sensory play activity for your kids with a DIY Moon Sand. Just grab your wheat flour and vegetable oil then combine both ingredients. For a calming moon sand recipe, add drops of lavender essential oil. Your kids will have fun squishing, and it is also easy to clean this sand!

DIY Yellow Moon Sand

11. Calming Construction Site Sensory Play

Let’s face it, we all want our kids to get busy, and maybe knock the hyperactivity down 12% before bedtime. To ease them this calming construction site project is here to save the day! This is a sensory play that would totally help them to wind down and get ready for bedtime.

calming construction site sensory play

12. Homemade Shampoo

This magnificently scented, custom-made Lavender Rosemary shampoo with essential oils is the best way to keep away your kids from commercially made beauty products. The lavender essential oil is good for dry scalp and stimulates hair growth. At the same time, the rosemary essential oil gives our hair a soft and shiny vibe! Your little kiddos will definitely want to create their own version.

homemade shampoo with lavender and rosemary

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13. Lavender Sensory Rice

Are you clueless about how you should settle your kids’ mood? Then it’s time to add some fun with essential oils! This lavender rice sensory play is simple to create and chemical-free. Aside from the learning and fun it brings, this can also calm your kids and make your house smell amazing!

lavender rice sensory play

14. Citronella EO Homemade Candles

Sitting outside on a warm summer evening with the kids running around is quite relaxing, but bugs are annoying! These Summer Floating Citronella Candles are ideal for giving you an extra beautiful summer evening. The citrus and different things you put in the light let off a decent aroma, and if you add Citronella essential oil to the container, it can even assist fend the bugs off.

citronella candles for relaxation

15. Homemade Bath Crayons With Essential Oils

If your kids hate bathing, bath crayons will hype up bath time and make bathing much more exciting. Your kiddos can draw on the bathtub walls since it washes off pretty easily. It is quite easy to make too. You would only need a soap base, silicone mold, food dye, slicers, bowls, and your favorite essential oil. While the essential oil is optional, adding it is one way to get your child winding down for bedtime with scents like lavender and patchouli.

Homemade Bath Crayons

16. EO Scented Water Beads

If your kiddos haven’t tried water beads, then let them explore an amazing sensory experience with this sensory activity. These squishy beads will expose them to fine motor, sensory, and science based learning. Your kiddos can run their hands over the beads, squishing, stirring, and mixing them up. Plus, you can even add essential oils to calm your kiddos down before nap time. I do not recommend EO oil with waterbeads for children under 3 years old. Their squishy, fun nature…makes it very hard for toddlers to not eat them (take it from me, oy!)

Water Sensory Beads

17. EO Oil Scented Orange Fizzy Dough

OMG this one is so fun! Do you like watching bath bombs? Then I have another fun dough recipe that you can do with your little ones. This fizzy dough is not only a sensory play but a simple science experiment. To make the Orange Fizz Dough, you would only need basic ingredients—baking soda, lemon juice, orange essential oil, and water. Can you imagine how the dough would smell and how they would never get bored of the fizzing action with these ingredients?

Orange Fizzy Dough

18. DIY Scented Stress Ball

Spend your afternoon with your kids making a DIY stress ball. Using everyday household items, you can make stress balls that can help your fidgety kiddos channel their stress and hyperactivity. You can also add your favorite essential oil blend for that calming effect.

DIY Stress Ball for Kids

19. Essential Oil Scented Sock Bunnies

The perfect Easter craft for your kids—an EO sock bunny. Let your kids decorate and create their version of the bunny. You can also add essential oils and teach them about scent mixing and ratios. No bunny will smell exactly alike and that makes it really cool!

Sock Bunny Arts Crafts

The fun & usefulness of making arts and crafts using essential oils is undeniable. It helps kids to learn, get through a night of better sleep, and relax. It is with no doubt that essential oil can genuinely improve our lives, in a good way, if we let them. So grab your EO kit and get ready to do make some fun.

Have you tried these DIY oil project ideas? Let us know which one you did with your kids/for your kids below.


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