How To Draw a Cheerful Christmas Holiday Elf for Kids

How To Draw a Cheerful Christmas Holiday Elf for Kids

I have a little work desk buddy that looks sort of like my husband haha. So I keep this little guy I found at Dollar Tree on my office desk to cheer me up. I didn’t think of this until I realized this little elf tutorial looks almost exactly like this little guy. Cute huh? Let’s draw this happy Christmas elf step by step for kids.

How To Draw Tutorials For Kids ELF XMAS HOLIDAY ELVES Step by step for kids easy simple guide

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Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10 (preschool and above.)

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Easy and simple drawing guide tutorial. Cute, full-size coloring printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school-age children.

🖍️ Tools For Success

🎨 Parents: The only tools you need to use these how-to-draw tutorials are: an eraser, a pencil, and a piece of paper. But – if you have them around – a sketching pencil makes for fainter and softer lines that help kids build fine motor accuracy. I also recommend going over the sketch pencil with a black outline marker when you’re done for a neater finish. Lastly, erase the pencil marks before adding color.

Learn to Draw a Cute Xmas Elf for Kids

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Draw an Elf 

  1. Draw a big round face with a collar beneath it. The collar comes with four-pointed and triangular lines on it. 
  2. Next, draw two curved hairlines on top of the face – a short curved line on the right and a longer one on the left. 
  3. Then, draw two long oval-shaped ears on each side of the elf’s face, two round eyes with two smaller round irises inside its face, a smiling curve below, and a triangular hat with a curvy end and a small round pompom at the end.
  4. Beneath the elf’s collar, draw a rectangular shirt with oval-shaped sleeves on each side, narrowing as they go downwards. 
  5. Also, don’t forget to draw a short horizontal line on each sleeve near the end, forming the elf’s little hands and a small oval-shaped belt metal right beneath the middle of the shirt. 
  6. Below the shirt, enclose the belt metal with long horizontal lines, connect it with inverted trapezoid-like pants with tiny curvy feet below, divided with a long vertical line in the middle, forming a pair of pants and pair of feet. 
  7. Now we can color this elf with Christmas-themed colors – green shirt, pants, and hat, blonde hair, fair skin complexion, red shoes, orange collar and belt leather, blue irises, white outer eyes, pompons, and belt metal. 
  8. You can also create your own color combination for this tiny little elf, depending on how you like it! 

Trivia About Elves!

  • Elves firstly appeared in German mythology during ancient medieval times.
  • According to old Norse myths, elves were capable of being good or bad.
  • Elves became associated and popularized with Christmas when images of elves in Santa’s workshop appeared in magazines in the 1800s.
  • Elves are known to be short, pointy ears, childlike with rosy cheeks. They’re typically dressed in green, white, and red with pointy hats.
  • The most popular elf these days is named ‘Buddy’ played by Will Farrell in the film also called “Elf.”


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