How To Draw Cotton Candy on a Stick (Cartoon Drawing Guide for Children)

How To Draw Cotton Candy on a Stick (Cartoon Drawing Guide for Children)

Fluffy, sweet, colorful – cotton candy is my favorite (non-chocolate) candy! Did you know a dentist invented cotton candy in 1897? And did you know my daughter and I have our own cotton candy machine? Yup! Because it was on sale…and because my husband said we didn’t need it haha. I just had to get it. So thanks to our family’s personal size cotton candy machine, we bring you this very easy and simple doodle tutorial of how to draw cotton candy! It’s really just a few steps, and super fun to draw because you can make cotton candy any color(s) or shape!

How To Draw a SUGAR COTTON CANDY CARNIVAL FOOD Step By Step Easy Simple Drawing Guide for Kids FINAL

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Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10 (preschool and above.)

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Easy and simple drawing guide tutorial. Cute, full-size coloring printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school-age children.

🖍️ Tools For Success

🎨 Parents: The only tools you need to use these how-to-draw tutorials are: an eraser, a pencil, and a piece of paper. But – if you have them around – a sketching pencil makes for fainter and softer lines that help kids build fine motor accuracy. I also recommend going over the sketch pencil with a black outline marker when you’re done for a neater finish. Lastly, erase the pencil marks before adding color.

Learning To Draw Fluffy Yummy Cotton Candy Step By Step

Cotton Candy Trivia Facts for Kids

  • Sugar is the only ingredient in cotton candy.
  • The first-ever cotton candy was sold in the St. Louis World Fair in 1904 for a steep price of 25 cents. It doesn’t sound like much now but adjusting for inflation, it would cost almost $7 in today’s money!
  • Cotton candy has a cobb web-like texture, a thread of cotton candy is thinner than human hair.
  • Cotton candy comes in many different flavors – it’s unlimited really. A personal cotton candy machine like ours means we can get any hard candy flavor and turn it into cotton candy within minutes.
  • In England, it’s called candy floss. Australia and Finland call them fairy floss. Netherlands calls them sugar spiders. Lastly in France, it’s called papa’s beard.
  • Sugar candy is melted at a high temperature until it becomes a liquid. This liquid sugar is then spun in a machine using a central spinning force. This also cools down the liquid sugar that’s turning into threads. It begins to cool and use a stick to gather and collect the threads around a sturdy stick.
  • The largest cotton candy in the world was as long as 13 football fields! It took six hours to make this guiness record.
  • Cotton candy making is a street art in China.


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