20 Innovative Earth-Friendly Recycled Art Projects For Kids

Kids always look forward to their summer vacation. I always want my kids to spend their vacation on something relevant. So it is high time to equip them with some earth-happy arts and crafts ideas! We have lots of engaging recycled arts and crafts ideas for all ages and occasions. Recycling is excellent for us and the environment since it decreases the usage of new raw materials to produce new items, which is more than just entertaining. It also cuts our energy use, improves air and water quality, and combats climate change. So gather your papers, bottle caps, scissors, glues, and fabrics, and get ready for a fun and enjoyable crafting session with your kids.


1. Colorful Bottle Cap Fishies Craft

If you have a handful of cap bottles but do not know how and where to use them, then this project is perfect for you! Gather the caps, wash them properly then you can start painting or covering them. Don’t forget those little wiggly eyes and tails to make it more like fishes.

Colorful Bottle Cap Fishies Craft

2. DIY Paper Bead Necklace Idea

You have no excuse not to try this paper bead necklace if you have plenty of old newspapers or magazines at home. This art only takes a little of your time, but it is a lot of fun especially when doing it with your family. This could be a great time to have a chit chat with your kids about their dreams, school, or even just random things. 

DIY Paper Bead Necklace Idea

3. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Craft

Give your paper jellyfish more life by painting them glow-in-the-dark acrylic paints! Hang it in your kid’s room ceiling to give them one of a kind experience right inside their rooms! This is also a perfect school project if you want your kids to send their classmates a unique hand craft.

Glow in the Dark Jellyfish Craft

4. Simple Cardboard Tube Binoculars

This cardboard tube binoculars activity is a great way to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. They can be used to go bird watching, as a camp activity, or as a nature activity for your kids! And it is so simple to make that a couple of empty tissue rolls would suffice.

Simple Cardboard Tube Binoculars

5. Useful Pastel-Colored Spring Jars Idea

Bring the spring in your home by upcycling your used jar into a beautiful pastel-colored jar with texture. After washing and cleaning the jars, let your kids paint or color them using non-toxic paints. Let them decide what color they want to use and what texture they want to put-then you will be surprised how creative they are!

Useful Pastel-Colored Spring Jars Idea

6. DIY Key Wind Chime Project

Give your old and unused keys new life with this DIY key wind chime project! Let your kids paint the sticks and keys to maximize their participation while you are preparing the other materials needed-but, make sure to ask someone to watch them closely! Safety first always. 

DIY Key Wind Chime Project

7. Fascinating Pour Painted Pots

This is the greatest idea for you if you want to enhance your plain patio planters. You can let your kids play with your pots and colors and be amazed by the results if you have paints at home and a witty imagination. Then add your handmade papers or transfer that cute cactus into it to serve its purpose.

Fascinating Pour Painted Pots

8. Free Hand Designed Spin Art Notecard

Give your kids the spotlight in decorating your walls this holiday season by letting them do these fun spin art notecards. Do not worry if they will get so messy because that is exactly the purpose of it. Get them messy and have some fun! After than, you can compile them to use as a notecard or even post-it materials. 

Free Hand Designed Spin Art Notecard

9. Artistic Button Art Tree Craft

Gather your buttons and prepare for a creative time with your children, since this button art tree is guaranteed to be a hit. Begin by asking them to sketch a tree on a canvas, but keep an eye on them as they’re inserting the buttons in because they might swallow them. Keep them safe while enjoying their activity.

Artistic Button Art Tree Craft

10. Smiling Plastic Spoon Snowmen Decoration

This project is for you and your kids if you want something exciting to showcase on the mantle or in the middle of the dinner table during your child’s birthday celebration. Allow them to personalize the spoon by labeling with your family’s name or their friend’s names. After that, you can put it in a little pot that would serve as a stand for your spoon snowmen.

Smiling Plastic Spoon Snowmen Decoration

11. Halloween- Themed Popsicle Stick Spiderwebs

So you got an extra popsicle and yarns? Perfect! This popsicle stick spider web is so easy and cheap. Even your 3-year old daughter or son will enjoy themselves doing this. Then when your handmade web is all set, do not forget the spiders! This is a perfect Halloween decoration too.

Halloween-Themed Popsicle Stick Spiderwebs

12. Scarecrow Fall Popsicle Stick Kids Craft

Do not just throw away your used popsicle sticks, instead upcycle them into something that your kids will surely love to play with. You can make a plain scarecrow or a colorful one. Better to ask your kids what color they want, and of course, that little cute headdress.

Scarecrow Fall Popsicle Stick Kids Craft

13. Adorable Little Mermaid Craft Idea

If you can’t go to the beach yet, this doll catalog mermaid would be a great substitute. While your daughter is seizing her time designing the cardboard, start cutting out dolls from the catalog. Then, instruct your kid to place the cutouts in their respective tails. No sweat, but pure fun.

Adorable Little Mermaid Craft Idea

14. Special Pool Noodle Bouquet

To brighten up your kid’s school table, you can use your extra pool noodle to make beautiful flowers. After cutting out the flowers, you can now let your kids stick them with the holder. Let them arrange the flowers too and put them on their table. Plus, it’s a perfect mother’s day or teacher’s day gift that your kids will definitely enjoy doing!

Special Pool Noodle Bouquet

15. Mini Sail Boat Project Idea

Your cute little kids will surely love this mini sailboat made out of egg cartons and used paper. To level up the fun, prepare all the materials needed, then let your kid stick them together. It’s simple and easy that your kids can enjoy and bring with them even when taking a bath!

Mini Sail Boat Project Idea

16. Handmade Windchimes Idea

If you have tin cans at home that no longer serve their purpose then why not upcycle them into something that your kids would enjoy. Clean those tin cans and make sure to check their edges before letting kids paint them. Now, with just cleaning, painting, and assembling, you have homemade wind chimes!

Handmade Windchimes Idea

17. Buzzing Dragonfly Egg Carton Craft

With this Dragonfly Egg Carton Craft, your kids can construct their own buzzing and colorful insects with only a few steps. This colorful recycled activity is a lot of fun since your kids can paint as much as they like in their favorite colors. You got rid of your egg cartons, you got your kids a new toy.

Buzzing Dragonfly Egg Carton Craft

18. Ingenious Torn Paper Acorn Art Idea

Those first scribbles are so precious, and you will treasure them for the rest of your life. That’s why acorn crafts are one of the greatest fall projects for toddlers and young at hearts like you!  Allow your child to “paint” on a brown paper bag before gluing it on the acorn template for a cute outcome.

Ingenious Torn Paper Acorn Art Idea

19. Bright-Colored Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

Without a suncatcher, our childhood is so incomplete! That is why we adore these cellophane suncatchers in the shape of leaves. Whether your child is a shaper or a cutter, they will surely enjoy filling in the leaf outlines with small colorful paper pieces. Don’t forget to put these lovely leaf creations out in the sun!

Bright-Colored Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

20. Elastic DIY Bookmarks Idea

This stretchy bookmark is quite simple and easy to create. Your children will be able to do it even with only a little help from you. It would be so much fun to use a cute and ridiculous character, depending on their favorite cartoon, anime, or even animal. Imagine those teeny-tiny creatures in one of your children’s books, aren’t they so lovely?

Elastic DIY Bookmarks Idea

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