How to Draw a Slice of Cake 🍰 (8 Easy Steps Guide for Young Kids)

How to Draw a Slice of Cake 🍰 (8 Easy Steps Guide for Young Kids)

Birthday cake? Wedding cake? Oh yes, cake, the only reason why this mommy looks forward to turning one year older every year (kidding!) Who wouldn’t want to take the cake? (There’s a reason that’s a saying!) From Tres Leche to Tiramisu, there are countless kinds of cake-inspired desserts from all over the world. We will start with an easy cake drawing, so anyone can learn how to draw a cake slice perfectly. The fun part is choosing your flavor, frosting, and toppings! Ready?

How To Draw a CAKE SLICE SWEET DESSERT Step by Step for Beginners and Kids | Easy and Simple | Printable Drawing Worksheet

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🖍️ Tools For Success

🎨 Parents: The only tools you need to use these how-to-draw tutorials are: an eraser, a pencil, and a piece of paper. But – if you have them around – a sketching pencil makes for fainter and softer lines that help kids build fine motor accuracy. I also recommend going over the sketch pencil with a black outline marker when you’re done for a neater finish. Lastly, erase the pencil marks before adding color.

Draw a Cake for Beginners

Cakes come in a lot of shapes and slices. There are square cakes, rectangle cakes, round cakes, even inside-out cakes. I chose to draw my favorite cake flavor: a vanilla cherry cake with a chocolate filling topped with vanilla buttercream icing. You can decide whichever flavor you want when you’re ready to color. Do have some cake handy ready after, because you just might crave a cake after you’re done like I am right now.

Learn How to Draw a Slice of Cake

  1. Cake slices are usually triangular with different toppings. We’re putting cherry as our toppings today. You can skip this until later or change the topping but for me, I started drawing a small circle first so I can mark where the rest of my cake slice will be. There’s a how to draw cherries tutorial too after this one.
  2. Then put it on top of a big, long triangle with a slightly curved line on its shortest side. 
  3. A slice of cake is not just a simple triangle. In fact, it is a triangular prism. So, at the two corners of the triangle, draw two vertical lines parallel to the other.
  4. Then, connect them with a slightly-slanted line parallel to the longer side of the triangle.
  5. Cakes look more delicious with fillings inside. The thicker the cake, the more numerous the layer should be to break up the cake. And that’s what we’re doing! Inside the cake’s slice, draw two horizontal curve lines closely parallel to each other to serve as the filling.  
  6. Do you have more than 1 layer of cake? Do you want multiple smaller layers? Feel free to repeat step 5 again if you want a triple-layer cake.
  7. Now that your cake is almost made and ready for serving, we need a circular plate. Beneath the cake, draw a circular plate that just perfectly fits the size of your cake.
  8. If you like cherry and vanilla-flavored cake like me, you can color it bright pink for a pop of color. I hope you have a real cake ready because we are now done! The flavor and the icing will depend on you. Have you decided what kind of cake you want now?

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How To Draw Cherries


Delicious Cake Trivia Facts for Kids

  • Cortadillo Mexicano – Cortadillo means a type of sweet bread (pan dulce) from Mexico that looks and tastes like a super tasty pink color cake often eaten at breakfast.
  • The most popular cake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. The least flavor cake flavor…probably fruit cake. Nobody eats Auntie’s Christmas fruit cake!
  • The National Cake day is celebrated on 26th November.
  • One of the fascinating things about Red Velvet is that the recipe was made available to the world as an act of revenge. In the bakery, a lady ate a Red Velvet cake and was very fond of it. She asked for the formula at the restaurant and they paid $100 for the same one. She got mad and widely distributed the recipe as revenge.
  • The first cake was: a relatively small flattened form of bread, circular, oval, or otherwise frequently made, and generally baked hard by turning during the process on both sides.
  • The largest wedding cake in the world weighed 15,032 lb. and was made in February 2004 by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, Uncasville, CT.
  • The tallest cake in the world was 7.8 m tall, and it took more than 24 hours for 20 chefs to make the giant cake at a mall in Luoyang.
  • The world’s most costly birthday cake was loaded with diamonds and hand-sculpted fondant with a $75 million price tag.
  • The first birthday cake was initially a cake offered on a person’s birthday as an offering. The first ‘birthday cake’ reference came in 1785.
  • The giant tower glided over the watching audience at 12.69 m (41 ft. 8 in) in Chennai, India, the world record for the largest cupcakes tower comprising of a whopping 18,818 cupcakes.
  • The cupcake eating world record is 72 in six minutes and was set by Patrick Bertoletti in 2012.

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