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About Us

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Heya, I’m Lily! The co-owner of Rainbow Printables…no, wait, that’s a lie. This passion project owns me. I moonlight here every night after dinner and when my daughter is sound asleep.

I’ve been a failed artist my entire life. I come from a family of artists. Unfortunately, starving artists. 

My mother was a phenomenal traditional Chinese painter. She studied classical painting while preparing for a duo career that would have taken her overseas. She didn’t escape in time. The Cultural Revolution happened and the country went into despair. Creating art was the last thing on people’s minds when surviving mass starvation was on the plate. She packed away her dreams and went to work as a laborer. When she had me and we immigrated to America, she put those dreams away for good.

But her little artist gene passed onto me.

I loved to draw and that was my first memory. I only needed a stubby no. 2 pencil and a notepad. Growing up in rural China, doodling was what got me through the hard times of being separated from my family and hometown.

After immigrating to America, I continued holding onto the hope that I would have a chance to become a non-starving artist here. I was that girl, the quiet girl, who drew, drew, and drew!

By age 11, despite peer and teacher accolades, the reality of the world was slowly sinking in that I was not going to have a chance. Our family did not have the money to afford any art supplies. We didn’t have money for art lessons. Heck, we didn’t have health insurance. Living paycheck to paycheck was the ideal option. The bad option was sleeping on the street. 

We were alone in a new country. Illiterate. Uneducated. Poor. There was no safety net for people like us.

I packed my artist dream away when I left for university; I studied neuropsychology and developmental science instead. Taking a keen interest in how the young brain develops and what feeds development. Fast forward…university, student loans, first job, adulthood, surviving, dating, and finally marriage + baby.

Looking at my beautiful daughter (the daughter I never imagined I would be fortunate enough to have) I wanted the entire world for her. Isn’t it poetic?

I felt like it was my responsibility to give her what my mom did not have a chance to give me: art, without the fear of starving. I can’t let her abandon her dreams like me and my mother did.

So here we are, flexing our marketing experience, child developmental know-hows combined with art to create a unique digital download publishing club as a way to support overtired parents while supporting other independent artists.