How To Draw a Candy Lollipop 🍭 ( + 10 Fun Facts For Kids)

How To Draw a Candy Lollipop 🍭 ( + 10 Fun Facts For Kids)

For at least one hundred years, lollipops have been around. Historians speculate that for as long as anyone has been alive, these candies have been making waves. Apple, watermelon, grape-flavored…almost everyone you meet has eaten a lollipop! But did you ever want to learn how to draw one? It’s super easy! In 8 little steps, you will learn how to draw this delicious candy treat loved by millions of kids and adults.

🖍️ Tools For Success

🎨 Parents: The only tools you need to use these how-to-draw tutorials are: an eraser, a pencil, and a piece of paper. But – if you have them around – a sketching pencil makes for fainter and softer lines that help kids build fine motor accuracy. I also recommend going over the sketch pencil with a black outline marker when you’re done for a neater finish. Lastly, erase the pencil marks before adding color.

How To Draw a Lollipop – Step by Step

Lollipops come in many different shapes, colors, and flavors. We’re going with an easy and round classic swirly lollipop.

  1. We’ll go with the traditional swirly colored lollipop. To start, let’s make a circle ring (“o”) as round and symmetrical you can. (‘Symmetrical’ means the same on both sides).
  2. Now let’s find the center of the lollipop and draw a very light and small dot. This little dot will be the first step of making those swirls in your lollipops.
  3. Use that little dot as a starting point and draw a slightly curved line going from the dot to the circle ring.
  4. Now repeat again leaving space from your first curved line and start again from the little dot and curve a second line going to the circle ring.
  5. Leave a little more space and repeat step 4 again.
  6. Repeat until you have 6 even lines going from the dot inside to the edge line of the circle ring. You will now see a swirly pattern of the lollipop.
  7. It’s not a lollipop without the stick. Draw a little stick: start with a line from the edge of the circle and extend it out.
  8. Make another long thin line right next to that one.
  9. Now connect both lines at the bottom until you basically created a skinny long stick.
  10. Finally, color the lollipop with alternating shades.

Done? Let’s Get Creative!

You can add more details and be as creative as you want to; Some real-life ideas are galaxy star shape lollipops, lollipops made with real bugs, and lollipops shaped like funny dinosaurs. You can decorate the stick with a bow and draw a heart-shaped lollipop for Valentine’s Day. The only thing to keep in mind while drawing is to not forget the most important thing which is the STICK! That’s what gives lollipops their signature candy treat look.

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Lollipop Trivia for Kids:

  • It is said the Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians all invented their version of the lollipop. To make it easier to eat them, they made plain candies that were dipped in honey and placed on a stick.
  • Do you know the term “Lollipop” means “tongue slap”?
  • The biggest lollipop in the world weighed 7000 pounds and was balanced on a 12-foot stick. It was created by the See’s Candies of California Company and was flavored with chocolate.
  • In 1908, the world’s fastest lollipop making machine was made by a manufacturer in Racine, Wisconsin. In a minute, it can produce 40 lollipops.
  • In 1908, George Smith invented the first commercialized lollipop. A lighter candy rather than a hard candy often consisted of the lollipops he created.
  • The average lollipop of 0.5 oz. (14 g) has about 26 calories.
  • On June 20th, National Lollipop Day is celebrated.
  • Charles Dickens first used the term “lollypop” in one of his 18th-century novels. Lollypop is more common in the UK whereas Lollipop is how Americans spell it.
  • During the 1940s, Lollypop was the most popular candy among kids.
  • During outbreaks, American moms have used lollipop candies to build their kids’ immunity to smallpox by getting their kids to eat the contaminated lollipops with the disease on them.
  • “The Chordettes” recorded the first album about lollypops in 1958.  In their music, some songs continued to use Lollypop. A lot of other language Music albums had lollypop in their songs.


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