How To Help Your Kids Make Friends at School

I once read a quote somewhere, “friends are the family you choose.” I couldn’t agree more!

Today, our children appear to have busier timetables than at any other time, as we mix them off starting with one action or sports practice then onto the next. Some can bounce directly into social circumstances, while others struggle.

In today’s world, where advancement in technology plays a crucial role, individuals frequently think it is hard to meet new companions. Companions make our life lovely. The experience of life becomes a little extra when old buddies encompass us. 

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Advances and changes are startling, and whether our kid is beginning kindergarten or progressing to a secondary school, it tends to be a test to conquer those feelings of dread. Even though my kiddos are extroverts, they have battled various occasions throughout their young years with making and keeping companions. 

How To Help Your Child Overcome School Shyness

School can be exciting and nervous for kids at the same time. Our kids may feel anxious about going to school, which can be why they cannot socialize easily. But let’s not lose hope because I am here to give you extra tips to help our child to overcome fear in school. 

First things first, let us know what the signs of school phobia are. A few youngsters build up a drawn-out dread of going to class that can affect them actually and inwardly of making friends. This is regularly alluded to as school refusal or school phobia. Below are signs that our kids are experiencing school phobia: 

  • They have actual manifestations not long before they need to go to class—stomach illnesses, sickness, spewing, loose bowels, or unreasonable exhaustion without a genuine recognizable clinical cause. 
  • They may become tenacious or give indications of tension when away from guardians. 
  • They have unnecessary apprehensions of being separated from everyone else or nonsensical feelings of trepidation.
  • They experience issues when resting and successive nightmares.

Now, let us proceed on helping them cope up with school phobia. Here are some tips to help our kids:

1. Realize that feelings of dread about the school are normal

Don’t excuse your kid’s apprehensions. Let them realize that many experiences lead to feelings of dread. It is critical to discuss it to ensure there’s not something more going on – like possibly a harasser or other issues. This is uncommon, yet that is the reason it is essential not to be contemptuous of your youngster’s feelings of dread and be available to correspond. 

2. Meet the teachers of faculties

There may be something that our child is too scared to open. As a parent, we must ensure that we build a healthy relationship with the school. Children will feel safe if their parents have a good relationship with the environment of their school. 

3. Do not add to our kids’ nervousness

Ensure you are not communicating your feelings of trepidation with your youngster. If you are, set aside some effort to discuss it together. In any case, put forth a greater amount of an attempt to not put the apprehensions on our children.

4. Help your kid tackle and think of an arrangement to manage these feelings of fear

Ask them, “What’s the most direct outcome imaginable of your fear?” Then ask, “And how would you be able to respond if that does occur?” In this case, I let my kids build their trust in me.

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5. Communicate and meet other kids’ moms

Building a healthy relationship with other parents is another way of getting our kids to be more comfortable with each other. Through the healthy relationship of the parents, kids will overcome their shyness and will be able to make new friends. 

6. Help them see the positive qualities in things

Discover something about school that our youngsters appreciate and have their center around that. 

Making Friends At School: How to do it?

Our kiddos may not be social butterflies all the time, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve someone whom they can lean on at times. After reading about overcoming school phobia, it is now easier to help them gain the confidence to make friends at school. To ease your stress and worries, we will be going over how to help our child make friends at school. 


Did you know that smiling is the key to new friendships? Yes, this is a simple but great way to capture someone’s heart! Let’s remind our kids that most kids at school are just as nervous as they are, so they immediately look for someone who has a friendly face! Invest our time teaching our kids proper manners to greet people; this could be a game-changer. 

8. Be a good example of how to treat companions 

Another great start is to show kids that great kinships aren’t tied in with being bossy; it’s about giving and taking. At home, invest energy in playing table games and not continue allowing the child to win. We’d love to see them grow with respect and sportsmanship. 

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9. Know your kid’s character 

If your kids are bashful, you likely can’t anticipate them to head the gatherings. Yet, that doesn’t mean they cannot make friends. You can help overcome any issues by having playdates at home for our kids. A few children do well with a couple of genuinely dear companions, while others like enormous gatherings. Understanding what your kiddos do best with and not overwhelming your inclinations on your kid will be vital in making them effective in making companions. 

10. Try not to pick your kid’s companions 

Do not meddle unless necessary! Let’s respect our kids’ decision to pick their companions. This might be an extraordinary route for them to spread their wings. Whether it’s an alternate religion or the family has diverse political convictions, that is all right. It is important that your kid experiences various things and settles on decisions for himself. 

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If the companion turns into a well-being concern at any point, that is where you should step in. But always remind your kids that different cultures and perspectives should not be reasons to stop befriending other kids.

11. Teach them to be a good listener

Kids love to talk, talk, and talk! So, they forgot to listen. One of the best ways to help our kids make friends at school is to teach them to listen. Yes, listening is such a huge deal to others, which might be the key to new friendships! 

12. Converse with your kid about bullying

Saying nothing enables bullying. As a mom, it is important that our little kids realize that they can come to us when they or another kid is being bullied. You can address the kid’s folks or the school organization if you need to cooperate to determine these issues. 

13. Be Yourself! 

It is best to let our children see who they really are. I know my kids are funny and creative. They don’t need to pretend to be someone they’re not to gain friends. Be honest. 

Our kiddos indeed have their purpose in life, and allowing them to settle on their own decisions is a great start to help them gain the confidence to take risks. Taking risks is a big part of making friends at school because they will feel all the emotions needed to be felt. It’s normal! Let them choose their friends for themselves. The best thing to do as a parent is to make them feel safe. 

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