How To Draw The Three Wise Men (Easy Tutorial for Kids)

How To Draw The Three Wise Men (Easy Tutorial for Kids)

Once upon a time, there were three wise kings (some say they were astrologers) who all saw a bright star in the sky and knew it was a sign from God. So the kings traveled hard and ventured far to see the new child, Jesus, the son of God in Bethlehem. One offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh – noble gifts that show the baby will grow up to be loved and worshipped. Let’s learn how to draw these three wise magis.

How To Draw 3 WISE MEN CHRISTIAN BIBLE By Step For Kids Easy Illustration Doodle Drawing GUID

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Learn To Draw Three Wise Magi – Step By Step (Christian Story)

In the 8th Century, three wise men were given fictional identities and kingdoms that are mentioned in classic modern Christmas stories.

  • Bithisarea (Balthasar) – King of Arabia or Ethiopia
  • Melichior (Melchior) – King of Persia
  • Gathaspa (Casper) – King of India

Three Wise Men Fun Facts for Kids

  • The three gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh offered to baby Jesus because gold meant virtue, frankincense meant to worship, and myrrh symbolized suffering.
  • It is unclear if the wise men were astronomers but they were most likely highly ranking officials of King Harold. They were definitely not kings. The wise men had royal connections and were trusted by Herod.
  • They likely came from Arabia, coming from the Eastern ancient Arabian kingdom of Sheba.
  • The wise men are Magi. Magi is plural, but the singular term is Magus.
  • There could have been more than three wise men, some sources stated 12. No one knows if it was “3” wise men; all we know is there were more than 1 because of the plural usage of Magi.
  • All three gifts are very expensive and meant only for kings due to their natural value. Magi brought enough to make Mary and Joseph rich enough to escape Herod and Bethlehem altogether.


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