How To Draw a Pirate Ship (Easy, Simple Step By Step for Kids)

How To Draw a Pirate Ship (Easy, Simple Step By Step for Kids)

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Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10 (preschool and above.)

Cute! Simple and easy, learn how to draw in 8 smart steps for preschoolers and k-5 elementary school-age kiddos. Your children will learn to: expand their artistic repertoire, encourage fine motor skills, practice the logical order of 3d objects to 2d shapes totally FREE! Follow us for more. Art Guide, Beginners drawing tips, easy drawing, drawing technique for children, simple doodles, simple drawing, #howtodraw, drawing tricks hacks, tutorial Guides for Kids, Art project ideas, free lessons
Easy and simple drawing guide tutorial. Cute, full-size coloring printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school-age children.
How To Draw a PIRATE SHIP BOAT HISTORY Step By Step Easy Simple Drawing Guide for Kids FINAL

🖍️ Tools For Success

🎨 Parents: The only tools you need to use these how-to-draw tutorials are: an eraser, a pencil, and a piece of paper. But – if you have them around – a sketching pencil makes for fainter and softer lines that help kids build fine motor accuracy. I also recommend going over the sketch pencil with a black outline marker when you’re done for a neater finish. Lastly, erase the pencil marks before adding color.

Learn to Draw a Cartoon Pirate Ship

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Ship & Boat Fun Facts for Kids

  • An American ship saved a British crew trapped on an island in 1812. When the Americans went out to seek provisions for the extra crew, the British took over the ship and left the Americans trapped on the island.
  • In 1861, a slave took over a confederate ship and turned it over to the Union. Later, he was given the ship to command during the Civil War.
  • An old scrapped Russian cruise ship has been cruising international waters since 2013.
  • A ship named Baychimo abandoned off the coast of Alaska in 1931, then in the Arctic, was discovered in 1969.
  • In 1994, a ferry sunk in the Baltic Sea. The ship and 852 people are already at the bottom of the sea, and it is forbidden to swim there.
  • After France failed to send the five rocket ships Israel had purchased from them, Israel executed a heist to seize the vessels and took them back to Israel.
  • In 1838, Edgar Allen Poe published a book about the shipwreck where the survivors ate one of their own, Richard Parker. Around 46 years later, a boat named the Mignonette sank, leaving four survivors. They ate one of the survivors, a cabin boy named Richard Parker.
  • In 2013, the chef of the sunken ship survived for three days beneath the ocean after finding shelter in the air pocket of the ship.
  • For 200 years, three ships were killed at the same place on the coast of Wales on the same day (December 5th) and all three had only one survivor.
  • An untouched steamboat from 1856 was excavated under 45 feet of soil in a farmer’s field in 1988. Thousands of objects were excavated and stored so well that some of the food was still edible.
  • During the Second World War, a Dutch war ship was disguised as a tropical island to avoid Japanese detection. 


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