Ben Franklin was one of the founding fathers of America and a true renaissance man with a resume of titles a mile long. He is considered by historians as a very proficient diplomat, writer, philosopher, politician, inventor, activities, and scientist. He was the first post-master general of the United States. Franklin and Hamilton are the only non-presidents on our currency. He had incredible influence over the birth of our nation which is why many jokes that Ben Franklin is “The only President of the United States who was never President of the United States.”

How To Draw American President Step By Step Art Guide Drawing Tutorial Educational BEN FRANKLIN Final - He had incredible influence over the birth of our nation which is why many jokes that Ben Franklin is “The only President of the United States who was never President of the United States.”

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  • How-To-Draw Template – International (A4) or U.S. Size (8.5×11 in)
  • Sketching Pencil
  • Polymer Eraser
  • Outline Marker
  • Coloring Tools

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Learning To Draw Ben Franklin (Easy & Simple!)

Ben Franklin Facts for Kids

  • He is known as the first American because he was a hardworking person with strong independent thought.
  • Franklin was born in Boston, Mass with 17 siblings! His first job was as a printing apprentice. Books were expensive at the time so Ben Franklin started the few libraries in America.
  • Ben Franklin was a moral man that constantly trying to be better and better of a person each day.
  • Franklin helped start the first American universities, fire department, post office, and library.
  • When war broke out between England and the United States, Ben Franklin went to France and asked for help with the war with England. The French loved Franklin, they thought he was brilliant.
  • Ben Franklin was all about temperance which means he understood to do things in moderation. He also found justice, cleanliness, order, and frugality important in life.
  • He kept a moral journal every day to jot down the self-improvements he can do on himself every day.


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