15 Anzac Day Craft Activities for Kids

A day where everything Australians can meet up to respect and recall the Anzacs who battled and died for the country. An opportunity for all Australians to ponder the soul of the Anzac. Be that as it may, what is this soul? How could it happen? Over 90 years after Gallipoli, why do Australians proceed to recall and accept this Anzac soul with such pride and honor? Well first things first, let us know the importance of Anzac Day and what it stands for. Then you can teach this to your kids too using arts and crafts!

What is Anzac Day? 

One of the most significant national occasions in Australia is Anzac. It stands for Australian and New Zealand Corps. The pride of the soldiers in that name endures to this day, April 25. It is this grit and empathy which we recollect every Anzac Day. The characteristics of the Anzacs that appeared at Gallipoli have been known as the Anzac soul. This soul is permanently carved in the country of Australia and the hearts of Australians.

Build Memories With Your Kids 

Kids are probably going to get familiar with the historical backdrop of the Anzacs in the homeroom. You can share some age-suitable Anzac Day exercises that will draw in their inquisitive personalities and establish the frameworks for getting sympathy and regard. 

The day is not yet over; go spend some time doing some Anzac craft with the kids in honor of Remembrance Day! This will not be just an amusement for them, but also this is a great way to extend the kids’ learning. Here are the activities we can enjoy while learning more with our kids on this most important day! 

1. Talk about the Anzac day! 

The best thing to do first is to let our kids feel free to talk about the most important national occasions, Anzac. In this way, we show them the significance of our freedom and safety. Ensure that your stories are appropriate to their age so they can enjoy them while learning.

A soldier showing patriotism

2. Come-in spinner

Peeking into history is fun for our kids. Now, let us give them some time to get moving while learning the history. Come-in spinner is a child-friendly game variation of Two-Up. Two-Up is traditionally a gambling game made legal only on Anzac day. You will only need a kip and coins. Don’t worry because this game is just pure fun and no gambling involved! The coins are for props, not for exchange. 

Identical Coins

3. Bake Some Anzac Treats

A perfect Anzac day treat that your kids will enjoy on the go! Our little kids will enjoy some moist, filling breakfast covered in butter or syrup from yummy Anzac pikelets! Aside from the delicious treat, the highlight of our baking session for the Anzac treats is making our little kiddos join us. This is a perfect activity for the kids to give them fun while learning new things. 

Anzac Day Pickelets

4. A Family Treasure Box Activity

Create a treasure box with your loved ones filled with essential things at this moment in your lives, and go on for a treasure hunt. This is enjoyable for the kids because they have the chance to get to know more about their family histories while developing their sense of belonging to groups and other surroundings. 

Treasure Box with Gems

5. Australia 3-Part Cards

We all know that Australia is a big country. Learning what territories and states made up the country is an excellent activity for the kids. To add some fun, there are cards used to identify the states and territories in the country, the whole map as well. 

Printable Australian Cards

6. Read Anzac Books

Delicate stories and essential picture books can assist with conveying the idea without being too standing up to or alarming for them. Just as the war results, accounts of courage and honor are the ones that we shouldn’t avoid with our kiddos. Let them read Anzac books to picture out the idea.

Anzac Day Book for Kids

7. Anzac Day Printable Activities 

Our kids love challenges, making the printable activities perfect to work through with our youngsters! The Anzac Day printable pack has many activities included, such as reading comprehension, cut and paste, making a wreath, drawing a poopy, and many more. 

8. Pull out the poppies!

Let’s not end the day without the poppies. For the majority of us, Anzac day is stamped clearly with poppies. This is one of the best ways to get our kiddos busy.

Anzac Day Poppies

9. Bake Traditional Aussie Damper

Baking traditional Aussie damper is an excellent method to show our kids how bread may have been prepared during war times, both at home and afield. It’s a symbolic action, yet straightforward exercises work best in passing on knowledge and ideas to kids.

Anzad Damper Recipe

11. Coffee Filter Poppies

The kids will love these beautiful coffee filter poppies as they learn about color-blending and absorption as the craft involves food coloring. It will challenge their fine motor skills, as well. Don’t worry because this craft is easy to make.  

Coffee Filter Poppies

12. Cupcake-Liner Poppy Bouquet 

Making a gorgeous Cupcake-Liner Poppy Bouquet also means building hand strength and fine motor skills for our kids. The poppy bouquet is quite simple and only needs a basic handful of supplies to create one.

Girl holding a Cupcake-Liner Poppy Bouquet

13. Anzac Soldier Silhouette Artwork

Kids will surely love the ideas of sunset in their artworks. A simple artwork with a compelling tribute for Anzacs is one of the best craft ideas for our kids. 

ANZAC Soldier Silhouette Artworks

14. Anzac Wreaths

An awesome kids’ art activity that you can incorporate into art and craft fun with your kids? These Anzac Wreaths got you covered! Just grab your paper plates and paints and start making wreaths that will help us commemorate ANZAC Day.

Anzac Wreath

15. Plastic Poppies

Empty plastic bottles lying around? Make plastic poppies out of them with your kids and decorate your garden with your creation!

Recycled Plastic Bottle Poppy

Enjoy the time you spent with your families on Anzac Day, and in case we fail to remember. At the end of it all, it’s great to give our kids a memorable Anzac day to let them look forward to the following years. Let me know how you spent Anzac Day!

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