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Does your little girl love to play with nail polishes and manicures? For a while during college, I spent a lot of time creating custom 3d nail designs because I loved doing nails. I can guarantee my toddler daughter now will eventually see me with some pretty fanciful done DIY nails and want to copy mommy. But she’s really just a baby after all and I don’t want her to wear fake nails or even wear nail polish. Plus the biggest issue I have with kids playing around too much with the nail polishes is the scent that polishes give off. Even natural nail polishes have an almost toxic scent.

So I tried to think of a solution that would tie her over. We love arts and crafts here, so how about a printable manicure template instead?! That way she can use the template to at least create the design, plan, and also choose her colors. Anything to minimize and delay opening a bottle of smelly polish.

This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 8 (preschool and above.)

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One of my DIY glue-on nail designs back all the way in 2009. Sorry for the flip phone camera quality! It was over 10 years ago.
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I also wanted to make a printable with realistic colored skin tones so all children can be represented more accurately. If you’re pairing colors and designs, it helps to choose a skin tone that matches yours. I chose ranges from light to beige to tan to dark so you can choose whichever one you want to print out! Enjoy!

Fun for kids! Free beauty printable. Use hand/nail templates to create design, plan, pair up colors. Full range of skin tones to help visualize color. It helps to choose a skin tone that matches yours from light, beige, tan, dark skin tones.| Beauty tool, Printables, manicure kit, set, manicure at home, manicure ideas, manicure tool, give yourself a mani, tips, nail and hands, manicure for kids, short nails, DIY, color ideas, salon, step by steps, black, beige, white, tan, dark skin, for girls

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