Scary Halloween Burlap Scarecrow Face Mask for Kids & Adults – DIY Printable

One of my artist teammates (Mark Cruz) created this scary scarecrow mask, it really creeped me out at first! I’m more of a butterfly, puppies, and manicure nail printables kind of girl. But I cannot judge what is art. Good art should not be discriminated against even if I’m totally creeped out. I got an emotional response to it so it IS good art. And we should share good art. If your kiddo wants to be something crazier than your regular, adorable kiddie scarecrow mask then this scary Halloween burlap scarecrow mask is perfect for you! We can name him Harold…the creepiest thing on this website. (Eeeek!)

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Printing & Saving Info:

  • Desktop & laptop users: the instant print button is in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Mobile users: if you don’t see the instant print icon on mobile for whatever reason, toggle your mobile browser to “Desktop View” and you should be able to see it. You can find that in your web browser’s menu. Or find the nearest computer to print.
  • Change the page orientation from horizontal or vertical depending on what fits best.
  • To decrease load time we put images on different sub-pages. Use the navigation on the top and bottom of the galleries to toggle.
  • Designed to fit both A4 size & U.S. standard letter size but preview your specs just in case.
  • Want to save a file for later? Just hit the instant print button and choose instead to print, select Save As “PDF” in the drop-down selection, and done! (Your screen and selection might look a little different.)

Color & Line Art: Template: DIY Creepy Scarecrow Masks Homemade Costume

  1. Select and print out your monkey mask below. You can also save a PDF to print later by clicking the print button and selecting “Save as PDF.”
  2. All images are vertical and the measurements (for example, holes for eyes) should match up to an average child/adult’s face. But it’s really up to you how much you want to cut in order to see.
  3. You can print this template on anything, but thicker material would be best for costume face masks, such as thick white cardstock.
  4. After you print it out, cut out your character mask. Are you making a hands-free mask? Punch small holes on each side of the mask where you can thread a string through.
  5. Test and align the size of your character mask to see if it’s a good fit.
  6. Check fit for the eye holes.
  7. Cut out the eye holes. You can use an circle cutting tool; or gently fold the mask a little, create a light crease and use a scissor to snip a small or large opening based on your preference.

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