20 Exciting PLAYTIME Baby and Toddler Tunes for Free

The love for music is an important lesson you can give your children from even the youngest years. Like reading, a child who has exposure to music gets to love singing and dancing as they age. Music is also a great stimulus in learning how to speak. It helps the kids learn new words, rhymes and it develops their listening skills as well. Songs can enhance brain functions. With repetition, they can also practice memory recall. 

So, to enhance the learning ability of your kids. Here is a baby tunes list of songs to play with your little ones that will benefit them through the years. 

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Baby Songs About Life Skills

1. The Bath Song           

Do you have a favorite bathroom song for your kiddos? Well, thanks to Youtube! You need not look elsewhere. This link will teach your little ones about taking a bath in a fun and informative way.

2. Brushing Teeth

The healthy oral habit must start as soon as the milk teeth appear. Kids need to have a beautiful smile and a fresh set of whites. The milk teeth serve as a placeholder for the adult teeth once they reach the proper age. Here is Blippi to teach your kids the correct way of brushing teeth.

3. Clean Up

A small task can be of great help and contribution. You need not do everything for your kids. In fact, by letting them do some chores, you have taught them how to be responsible and helpful. Make them learn how to have a great time cleaning up as well.

4. Jesus Loves Me

There is no better way than to start with the truth. A short and sweet song that came from a poem that traces back to the 1800s. It tells about the comforting good news that Jesus loves every one of us, especially the little ones.

5. Going to School

School can be as exciting as playing if your children are motivated to learn as well. To make them feel good about it, let them see this video and make them feel more at ease as they get ready for school.

Toddler & Baby Tunes for Learning

6. Numbers Song – Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Teaching Math skills to children is a good foundation for them to adapt once they start formal schooling. Numbers are usually frowned upon because they can be intimidating. To help improve readiness for concepts that involve numbers, here is the Number Song from Super Simple.

7. Lots of ABC Songs

The very first step into learning how to read is by being familiar with the Alphabet. You may consider letting your baby listen to his ABCs early on for recognition. It is a skill that will help them improve recall and their means of associating letters with their corresponding sounds.

8. What’s Your Favorite Color?

Babies can appreciate colors. Although they can not distinguish colors in their first days of life, they will learn to identify them before turning two. Some children have a hard time perceiving colors like Math. But with music, your child will enjoy learning about the different colors.

9. Words That Rhyme

Rhyming words, alliteration, listening to sounds over and over. All these will help your child identify and pronounce words better. It makes them think and associate words. Eventually, with their rich imagination, they will be able to read faster.

10. Space & Planets Songs

There is no limit to learning. Allow your babies to learn about Science even at an early age. You’ll be surprised to see how easily they pick up when they get to see the beauty in outer space and enjoy being little astrologers.

Baby Music for Playing and Dancing

11. Baby Shark

Enjoy this dance craze as you introduce family members to your kids with this popular song that can make them dance all the way.

12. If You’re Happy and You Know It

Next on the list is a catchy song that tells about the positive emotion of being happy. With such innocence, enjoying this song with the kids can give you a sense of genuine happiness and a good life. 

13. Five Little Monkeys

Add some fun in teaching your kids the value of being safe and cautious. Learn to demonstrate that one thing can result in another, like jumping and falling.

14. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Here is a link to an MP3 of a beautiful song that talks about the different parts of our body- feel free to download and play it anywhere, anytime.

15. Clap, Clap, Clap your Hands

Clapping is one of the hand activities babies and toddlers love to do. To encourage your baby to imitate this movement, let them get involved with this music and enjoy the rhythm for clapping hands.

Baby and Toddler Playtime Songs

16. The Floor Is Lava

Jumping helps us improve our sense of balance, stimulates our metabolism, and strengthens our heart. The Floor of Lava is not only a song. It is an actual game that makes kids imagine that the floor has molten lava they need to escape from, or else it can burn them.

Kids will have fun playing this game with a background song that counts and yells, “The Floor is Lava!”

17. We’re Going on a Lion Hunt Song

Your toddlers love to move, and they will quickly understand their connection and positional relationship to everything around them. It also encourages listening and following instructions.

18. Playtime March Song

Marching is not only for rhythm and organization. It can also be a confidence booster, especially for little boys. Striding with this marching song, you’ll be pleased to see your little soldiers flashing their vigor and strength. You have to see for yourselves! 

19. Five Speckled Frogs

Counting is hard already but subtracting might bring a bit more complexity. Thanks to these five frogs, your kids will have a better understanding of take-away.

20. One Little Finger

Teaching the body parts to babies might need a little slower pacing than Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. But worry not, I got your back! Here’s One Little Finger, a fun song that points to different parts of the body and teaches simple up and down directions suitable for toddlers.


Are you also a music lover? What type of music do your share with your little one? If you have suggestions or an excellent playlist to share, please do so. I would love to listen to them too. Just comment down below, and I’ll make sure to check them out!

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