10 Simple Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in July With Kids That Anyone Can Do

I await Christmas every year because we get to go on our holiday vacation and hug our far-away families. Since my birthday is in July, the midway point to Christmas, I don’t care about my birthday. We’re just going to do Christmas in July with our baby girl! If you celebrate Christmas in July, then you must try these fun Christmas-themed exercises for your little kiddos. We all go a bit extra for this holiday! I let my children use their contact, smell, sound, and taste to draw in their minds and embrace the wizardry (and, of course, fun!) of the Christmas season. Keep on reading to discover what makes “Christmas in July” one of the best traditions! 

Things to Do to Celebrate Christmas in July

Let’s start with things to do with our kids to celebrate Christmas in July! Here are three great ideas for families to do together to bring a touch of Christmas cheer. This is quite proven and tested! 

1. Watch Holiday Movies Together

Good news! By all accounts, we’re not the only ones celebrating the “Christmas in July,” the telecom companies as well. If you have watched from Hallmark Channel, you know that they always run their holiday specials. Some other channels too! I want to watch movies with my little kiddos, and you should definitely try it too! 

Rise of the Guardian characters

2. Bake Together

Let your kids choose their favorite cookies and bake for them. You can try these delightful Peanut Butter M&M cookies. And of course, don’t forget the highlight of our Christmas activity—make sure that everyone’s baking! I always let my kids enjoy and learn at the same time. Who doesn’t love a family cookie treat while watching movies? Definitely, not us!  

cookies with chocolate chips

3. Serve Others as Family

We all know that this is what a holiday season is all about; being kind and generous to others.  

I let my kids know that kindness doesn’t have to start with big acts. The small actions are JUST as important and appreciated! A simple giving of food and toys for a stray animal or a local animal shelter is one of the most common family service projects. I also teach my kids that being kind is not just for holidays, they should practice it every day. 

a box with different school supplies

The rest of the list is Christmas games and craft projects everyone will love. A little competition for everyone in this holiday season is fun and will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping up! Now, who’s ready for some more festive ideas?

4. Christmas Dance Freeze

Turn on the music and rock around your Christmas tree into a game by holding a Christmas dance-off. Get groovin’ when the music starts, shut it off all of a sudden, then yell, “freeze!” Don’t move without the music because if you do, you’re out. Sounds fun, right?

two little girls holding hands

5. Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

How about some scavenger hunt with your kids? You can start from under your Christmas Tree, then to the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and finally, to the master’s bedroom where a special treasure is waiting. I know that your kiddos will love this. Who doesn’t like surprises and gifts, right?

Christmas hat with a printed Santa Claus

6. Christmas Tree Math Game

Roll your dice and play some board games as it can also help your little kids work on their number of skills such as subitizing, which is the ability to know or recognize the number in dice or tally marks. Well, kids should never stop learning, and so do you! 

Christmas tree paper cutout, a marker, and beads

7. Christmas Carol Charades

Prepare some Christmas carols like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Joy to the World and write them in apiece of paper strips. Let your kid pick one and ask them to act it out. No set up needed, no prepping, just a simple game that will make your little ones and big children giggling. Make that you have a fun prize for the winning team! 

Family having fun on Christmas

You want to put something up this Christmas but don’t know where to start? Then, we got you! Here are some decor ideas that you can put up with your kids: 

8. Giant Ornament Balls

You will not feel the vibes of the Christmas holiday without giant ornament balls! You can DIY using a large plastic ball, tin bucket, and glue! Taa-da, a giant ball in front of your house or backyard. 

giant ornament balls during snow

9. Yarn Christmas Tree

Who says it’s not possible to create a Christmas tree out of green yarn? Well, you’re wrong! This is a great way to make our Christmas a little extra for our kids. Set your large cone, then decorate. It is quite fun to see my children doing some extra hard work!  

Chritmas tree made with yarn

10. Seashell Cone Christmas Tree

Add winter fun to your summertime with a DIY seashell cone Christmas Tree! Grab some shells by the seaside and glue them to your cone from the bottom up. And what better way to finish it with a starfish at the top?

Christmas tree made with various seashells

Holidays are one of our favorite times of the year; who says we can’t celebrate Christmas in July? Forget the heat and start your celebration this year as you make adornments with your kids. Are you ready for some fun Christmas activities in July? Share your thoughts below!

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