5 Places Where You Can Find Free Marriage Counseling Help

You can improve the health of your marriage through marriage counseling. On a wider scale, the United States of America is known to have the highest divorce rate globally. But just because divorce is more acceptable here and almost rampant today, it doesn’t mean a solution to marital disputes cannot be found.

You should never get weighed down by your problem. Whatever you are facing, someone has faced it before and has come out victorious – seeking counseling would be a smart and effective way to cope with lasting marital issues.

After we looked through extensive detailed research, there is truly only a few free marriage counseling services out there. You need to be patient and locate the best one for your marriage. Before considering looking for a counseling service for your marriage, it is important to know what you want the end result to be.

There are a lot of paid services, it’s a profitable industry. But not everyone can afford it, especially if the problems in the marriage are financial in the first place, and that’s what we’re tackling today: finding free marriage counseling services.

Sometimes websites may pop up drawing your attention to their free marriage counseling service, but it won’t last long. There will be some requirement for a monthly subscription and other associated pay-for-services for you to access.

Truth be told that the majority of the free marriage counseling service can only be done in person through a church, family, employer or non-governmental organization.

Identify Core Marital Issues

Where could the problems be stemming from? Is it a duration, a person, a relationship, a former flame? It can be anything although commonly married couples seek out help for issues associated with daily stress, children, money, sex, and communication problems.


Most times married couples lash out a few times to let out steam and vent off their rage at each other. That’s normal. But if these fights are consistent and way too frequent (that it impacts normal functioning) then it could be worth going to see a marital counselor and marriage professional.


Communication barriers happen slowly but will definitely take effect surely. It’s the most noticeable sign in any marriage that will fail in the end. They basically have nothing to say to each other, or they don’t feel like talking to each other. The spouse may start by ignoring few or little information that they are supposed to share, but they begin hiding it/not sharing it with their selves.


Not all compromises are clear cut. A bad marriage can take a toll on spouses and this then sometimes lead people to use substitute behaviors. For example, instead of working on core issues – you start treating problems with compulsive shopping instead of working on a better compromise.


Often, a spouse may begin to imagine him/herself alone again. The idea of been single comes to their mind, and they begin speculating on all the achievements they could have fulfilled if they were just alone. They also imagine how they would have coped without their spouse being there, by doing so they then consider their spouse to be a nuisance or a thorn in their path to a successful life.


You can’t remember the last time you two spent a night out or even ate out at a fancy restaurant. This is another sign of an unhealthy marriage where the spouse begins forsaking the things they once did together and cherished before like anniversaries, date night, picnics, family parties, and recreational activities. They no longer spend quality time together.


Spouses may begin having emotional problems caused by lack of communication and increasing distance between partners. The spouse may start having emotional insecurities and may tend to share their feelings with others like friends, workmates, reading mates or book club members. Anyone with a reliable ear and shoulder to cry on. This tends to create affections and draw them closer to strangers outside of the marriage; doing this may increase the chances of spouses committing extramarital affairs.


One of the least noticeable thing in an unhealthy marriage is the body language of the spouse in the marriage. This is because many people miss it, but when they see it, it’s impossible to unsee. The turning away, the arms folding, the glare or eye-roll may be subtle – but powerful.

Although there are wide varieties of free counseling services available that cover most disputes and situations, it is better to apprehend the problem before looking for a solution before you begin.

1. Marriage Resources Online

There are numerous free marriage resources on the internet today. It is better to use some of the free counseling services first and try them all out. Although not all of these online services may work for you, almost all of them offer a free sub-service of some sort.

A. Better Help

BetterHelp.com is a good example as they give a 7-day free trial to couples. Their online counseling services merge you with more than 2000 professional therapist to help come to your aid when you need counseling. Various discussion groups are created, and forums are also established to dish out free information. Their forums are established to educate newly married mates with their practical examples in the past.

B. Theravive

Another example is theravive.com which is created solemnly with the aim of helping you find counselors and therapist within your area. Opening an account with these sites grants you a nice privilege of knowing unique counseling services in your locality.

C. All About Counseling

For individuals having a vast number of marriage issues, a site like allaboutcounseling.com offer good forums to help improve marriages. Marriage is a necessary evil and since it cannot be avoided solution must always be found to reduce problems.

D. For Your Marriage

Lastly, Foryourmarriage.org is another online service that helps provide free marriage counseling advice. It is fully loaded with Information’s comprising of different aspects of marriage problems and marriage counseling. Their main aim is to cater to married couples but also give some nutritional advice to everyone.

You and your partner will need to agree to seek help together. If you are looking or searching for immediate help, their “Find Catholic marriage supportis an essential tool in helping find immediate local assistance for married spouses.

Local counseling services will be offered at a suitable period at your own convenience. You and your spouse do not need to spend a lot of money or juggle your work schedule just to meet up with a therapist. Oftentimes they want to gauge the situation first so there’s usually an introductory period.

2. Marriage Services In The Church

You can also begin your search within a church. Most churches are seriously opposed to divorce due to traditional and devotion to family. They don’t want an unnecessary divorce to exist among their members. They want to discuss issues that will promote continuous living with each other. You can check out other free marriage counseling options which include churches and community centers.

The bishop, pastor, or reverend will be ready to offer you free counseling service. They know the importance of getting marriage partners together, as it makes them more embedded within the church if they are successful in reconciling their relationship. By providing a free marriage counseling service, it serves a larger purpose that promotes unity.

With church services, it’s rare for you to be asked to pay any sum of money if you can’t afford to. Most services provided by the organizers of the church are free. But religion-based marriage counseling is particularly applicable in cases where both parties are religious and familiar with the same church.

3. Turning To Family Members

Family members can be of great benefit to marriage disputes. No family member wants their loved ones to endure and suffer through an unnecessary divorce, and no one wants to see the kids go to a broken-up home. They want unity, and in such cases when a problem arises, family members are more than willing to help find a solution by lending a supportive ear and offering emotional support.

4. Through Your Employer

More and more employers are beginning to offer free mental health services – including marriage and family therapy. Often it is outsourced and contracted out to a counseling firm and the employer is able to offer their rates at a discount compared to full price counseling services.

When I helped my husband looked for a low-cost therapist, she wanted to know about his general situation and what his direct goals were before she was willing to work with him. We found her under his company directory as a discounted service partner, and eventually, we got his company to cover the full cost of a few cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. My husband loved going weekly.

5. Non-Profit Organizations

As it is generally known, NGO’s (non-profits) main purpose is to help increase the life of people in the world. These organizations draw in and build awareness of issues together to help find available solutions for those who can’t afford help otherwise.

These services include mental and emotional support. Be it pornography addiction, excessive masturbation, or fidelity or marriage issue – NGOs could help offer free counseling solutions to a problem in a marital home.

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