15 Wholesome Big Family Blogs To Check Out (Lots of Tots!)

Follow these large family blogs on their journey to raising multiple tots. These big family blogs document the love and labor intensive journey to raising kids and growing up.

1. Little Earthling Family Blog (16 members)

This family blog is about the life of Renee and her family of 14 kids, and her husband Chuck. The family lives in a property where free-range chickens and cows can roam freely. One of their ways save is through getting their food from their homegrown organic garden.

Renee’s big family consists of five children from foster adopt, private adoption and international adoption. Nine of the children in the family are their own, with the latest one being Apollo XIV who was born in 2010. Apollo needed to be tube-fed for four and a half years, which worried the family. Renee’s five oldest children now have their own families and are now living in Washington and New Zealand.

2. Raising Roberts (9 members)

Jessica Roberts and Don Roberts have seven children since they were engaged in 2006 and then married a year later. Right now, their eldest child Liam is nine years old and their youngest baby is Primrose who was just born last year. One of the reasons why Jessica started the blog is her love to share the joys and struggles of being a mother, especially in a big family.

Jessica is also a cancer survivor and has been for more than ten years. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma which nearly took her life. A few years later, she met her loving husband Don.

3. Larger Family Life (15 members)

Larger Family Life is about Tania and her family with her husband and their 13 kids. Starting in 2008, Tania shared a lot in a wide variety of topics including food, fitness, travel, and family lifestyle. There is only one rule in their family, and that is to make live life and walk your own path.

One of Tania’s inspiration for creating and writing in a blog is the death of his 34-year-old brother who lost to leukemia. One of her promises before his passing is to fill life with more adventure and make a lot of memories. That what Tania has been doing together with her family.

4. Messy Mom (6 members)

Messy Mom blog shares tips and advice on how to take care of a big family, especially on how to be more practical financially. The founder of the blog, Natalie, takes care of four children. She and her husband, named J, has been married for 16 years.

The contents of the blog are usually about their family life and how Natalie flexes her mother-power when it comes to saving and cutting expenses. Natalie also shares stories from her friends and their families as well as some guest posts from her fans. ca

5. Life As Mom (8 members)

Life as Mom posts about a lot of topics about parenting, including time and schedules, family food, home management, budget living, and other things. The blog is created and operated by Jessica Fisher, who also accepts guest post when they are available. Jessica also shares easy to made and cheap but delicious recipes for the big family.

One of the most interesting reads in this site is how Jessica took her whole family of six children, her, and her husband in France on a budget. She shares tips about feeding a big family on a budget and keeping the house organized.

6. The Flanders Family (14 members)

The Flanders Family is created and operated by Jennifer Flanders. With 12 children, there’s no doubt that the Flanders are one big family. Jennifer and her husband Doug met each other in 1986 and married the following year. He also wrote a book titled “25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife.”

The blog talks about a wide range of topics that aims to help a big family manage their house affairs. Jennifer also gives printables that can be shared easily. These printables are about help with homeschooling and parenting overall.

family bike biking big family

7. Raising Arrows (11 members)

Raising Arrows mainly post about big and small family matters that new or even old moms might find themselves having a problem with. Things such as bathroom cleaning routine and tips in homeschooling are shared in this blog. The blog is created and operated by Amy.

Amy homeschooled all of her children, but they decided to send their oldest son to school when he reaches college. She is also married to an officer in the army, while their youngest daughter Mercy has Stickler Syndrome Type 1. One of their child, Emily, passed away in 2008. Amy shares how she overcame the grief of losing a child very soon in her blog.

8. Thrifty Nifty Mommy ( 7 members)

Thrifty Nifty Mommy is a blog that is created and operated by Janessa, a blogger with five children. She started blogging in Thrifty Nifty Mommy in 2010, with her main purpose of reviewing products and make recommendations for moms. Janessa also shares about how she wants to live life with her family to the fullest without draining the budget.

Janessa met her husband in 2002 in a church. The two were married in 2005 and had their first child in 2010. Janessa quit her job to become a stay at home mom to take care of their children. Missing contact with the outside world, she decided to make a blog, which grew into a big parenting blog. There are also other writers who have a lot of family members just like her in the blog.

9. Raising a Large Family (15 members)

Raising a Large Family Blog shares simple tips on daily parenting dilemma like “motivational afternoon tips” or “easy and fast meal planning 101.” The founder and the operator of the blog are Diana Waggoner with her husband and their 13 biological children. Their oldest child is now 22 years old while their youngest in just two months old.

The Waggoner family is a Roman Catholic family and believes in the Catholic Faith, which can be seen in some of their posts. One of their family routines is the 5: 00-morning routine in which the whole family will be up and start their day. Although they differ in personalities, they share the love for coffee.

10. Conserva Mom (7 members)

Conserva Mom is a blog that focuses on tips and guides on how to conserve time, money, and sanity when it comes to taking care of a big family. The blog is operated by Elia, which is a mom of five children. She and her husband have been moving a lot and meet a lot of people.

Through her blog, Elia has been giving templates, printables, giveaways, and more stuff. She also posts a lot of recipes that could save time as well as guides for kids fashion and lifestyle. There are also travel guides for families who want to travel on a budget.

11. The King Squad (8 members)

The King Squad is created by Kimberly King who works as a full-time blogger to care for her seven children wherein five children are aged under 3. Kimberly’s blog is not all happy and smooth sailing. One of the things that she shared to her readers is her divorce with her ex-husband Alex.

The King Squad is mostly about the events in Kimberly’s life, including her diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as her children’s graduation ceremonies. Kimberly also runs a day spa with her sister.

12. Large Family Table ( 10 members)

Large Family Table is a blog that focuses solely on easy to make and budget friend meals for big families. The blog post a lot of recipes in text form, but videos on YouTube are also available. Recipes are usually done on big batches to make things easier for big families to prepare for their meals.

The operator of the blog is Jamerrill Stewart. She and her husband Travis have been together for 20 years. The couple has six boys and two girls who range from 18 years old to an infant. The blog releases post contents five times a week.

13. I Choose Joy (10 members)

I Choose Joy Blog posts articles about homeschooling, family, and other family-related things. The blog is operated by Gena who birthed eight children that range from 18 years old to 6 years old. She and her husband have been married for twenty years. Gena got a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education during her stay at Baylor University.

Gena and Michael met when Gena started teaching choir at a junior high. The couple married in 1998. Besides blogging about parenting. Gena also runs a blog about music teaching. She offers courses for elementary, junior high, and high school students.

14. Grateful for Grace (8 members)

Grateful For Grace is a blog that tackles a lot of topics such as abortion, C-section, down syndrome and autism. The operator of the site, Mindy Brouse, is a devoted mother of six and an advocate for the Lord’s words. She also homeschools her kids because that activity has been giving her joy for a long time.

Mindy Brouse is very passionate in living for her faith and it is obvious when she admits that she is a weak vessel to even glorify a God. She has been writing blogs about small mother problems such as great gift ideas and tech.

15. Big Family Little Income (7 members)

This blog posts about recipes, fun, school, and occasions such as Christmas. The family’s father is Bruce, a full time Stay at home dad and a part-time blogger. He likes to play hide and seek with his children. Bruce has been together with his wife Tracey for 20 years. Even now, she still cannot understand why Bruce was so surprised that she married him.

The blog includes a lot of things about big families, their life as a family, and tips on making things better financially. Bruce would post recipes such as 5 times & sanity-saving meals that are easy to prepare yet can fill up a big family.

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